“Teaching is the critical profession. A teacher influences every person who goes on to further study, training or employment. Teachers have been prominent people in at least the formative years of the lives of all the state’s citizens. The quality of their work matters in ways matched by few professionals” (Ramsay, as cited in Whitton et al., 2004, p.45).

I started my Bachelor of Education and journey toward becoming a teacher in the summer of 2010/2011, when my little boy was 18 months old. With whelming hesitation I decided to ‘try out’ one university subject and see if I liked it, it was called Introduction to Teaching. I had always wanted to return to study and thought teaching would allow me to have a positive impact on children’s development. I met some inspiring and lovely teachers as my older children were processing though their primary education years, I decided I wanted to be part of this inspiring profession. I want to engage and excite students in authentic learning experiences to incite a thirst for life long learning. This, I have no doubt, can be achieved through:

  • A deep care for students, their families, backgrounds, culture and community;
  • Selecting resources to connect with students interests, learning styles and educational objectives;
  • Developing and refining philosophies that underpin pedagogical practices;
  • Engaging in reflective practice and continuous professional learning.

I have never had a blog before! I set this blog up to share with you my journey to becoming a primary school teacher. To date I have completed two work experience placements and 21 subjects. Life certainly has been crazy especially with children to look after! Most people say ‘you’re mad’, but I don’t think I was before study, but I am certainly getting there! I have the hardest mountain to climb yet, with the hardest 7 subjects and an 11-week full-time work experience placement ahead of me. Although to get through the rough patches, I keep reminding myself of my ‘long term’ goal — to teach refugee children and/or Indigenous students in remote communities. I would like to think that after having such a privileged life for nearly 40 years, and a beautiful family, that I can one day give back to society. I would like to further my education and specialise in Literacy, because I feel this would allow me to assist children to gain essential literacy skills needed to have a fair go and become productive citizens in whatever they choose to do. I also know literacy acquisition in Standard Australian English is extremely challenging for EAL/D students.

Please feel free to peruse my Blog and share in my professional development!

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