Sorry Day

‘Lest We Forget’

After learning about Indigenous Australian peoples, (yes that is correct, ‘peoples’ refers to the many languages and cultural groups) for the past 13 weeks, I realise that I have never had much contact with Indigenous Australians or given much thought to their plight. I have been ‘widely’ awakened to the fact that Indigenous Australians have been dispossessed and treated in an appalling manner since their land was stolen from them over 200 years ago. Why am I writing about this? Because… as I reflect on all that I have learned, I do not want this to be reduced to little more than a 13 week ‘look in’ on Indigenous affairs and then simply forgotten. I think that it is imperative for all Australians to acknowledge previous governments wrongdoings and celebrate steps towards reconciliation on Sorry Day, May 26th 2015, and every year thereafter.

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